Arrive Any Time to a Warm Welcome

Arrive at Your Convenience

We may not welcome our guests in person on arrival, but that doesn’t mean they’re unwelcome! Guests to our four lodges can check-in any time after 4pm and even if it’s dark and cold, they can be sure of finding their way to their chosen lodge. We leave the key in a safe locker (code sent privately) close to the entrance door. The short path from the car park is all on one level and is well lit at night with low-level lighting. If it’s cold outside it certainly won’t be inside – each lodge has underfloor heating throughout so visitors can hang their coats up straight away.

The Personal Touch

We totally respect the privacy of our guests, many choosing our lodges for exactly that reason. However, we live in the cottage next to Upthorpe Lodges and don’t mind at all if guests need to contact us. So if a light bulb flickers, or you want to know the local highlights, we don’t mind being contacted, and we’ll do our best to help. If¬†guests let us know they’ll be¬†arriving after sundown we’re more than happy to leave a light on and the key in the door.