East Anglia – Wild Landscapes You’ll Love

Explore the Wild Places of East Anglia

There’s something liberating about entering a wild landscape, a feeling of escape into times past when us humans were closer to nature and countryside. Our minds unwind and we gain a freshness of step when our panorama is filled with greenery and sky. We have plenty of sky in East Anglia and the landscapes below the horizon differ in form, colour and texture. By hour, by day, by season.

Close to Upthorpe Lodges

Within just a few miles we’re lucky to have the unspoilt Redgrave and Lopham Fen which straddles the Norfolk / Suffolk border. This peaceful setting is managed by Suffolk Wildlife Trust. For those unfamiliar with the term, a fen is usually a flat, low-lying expanse of soft ground, often peaty, alongside streams or rivers. So the walking is easy, though a bit soft underfoot at times. At this fen there are way-marked paths keeping visitors on firm footings, with no chance of getting lost.

Brandon Country Park & Thetford Forest

There are trails aplenty here to please strollers, hikers, mountain bikers and joggers. Despite the area being largely commercial forest, you’ll find mixed woods too and open areas of Heath, typical of this light-soiled area. The car parks may be busy at times but within minutes you’ll be wondering where the people are, having scattered over the vast landscape.

The Unspoilt Coast

Along East Anglia’s lengthy coastline, there are tourist hotspots for sure. But in between there are some wild gems well worth seeking out. The west and north Norfolk coasts boast long and often empty sandy beaches. Along the more pebbled Suffolk Heritage Coast you won’t have to travel far from the confines of Southwold, Aldeburgh or Lowestoft to find solitude, with a sea-lapping soundtrack.