Hot Tubs are Good For You

Hot tubs are a great bonus on a short break aren’t they? The relaxation levels increase once you’re settled in to the warmth and weightlessness of the bubbling hot water. Hear yourself go ‘aah’ when your eyes see the sky and your mind drifts away. Muscle tension disappears, your breathing slows, and your natural smile returns. You can now feel yourself truly relaxing, and the benefits are starting to kick in.

Pain Relief

According to arthritis researchers, the surrounding heat that hot tubs provide can readily ease the pain from aching joints. You may well find that they slowly become more flexible, resulting in better and more comfortable mobility. Apparently the fast-moving water emanating from the jets stimulates the releasing of endorphins, our natural painkillers. Studies have also revealed that having a soak in a hot tub for just 15 minutes can have a positive effect on blood pressure. Previous tensions in body and mind start to ease.

Stress Relief from Hot Tubs

We like to think that we’ve designed our lodges to be the perfect place to relax. The interiors are decorated and furnished with relaxation in mind; colour schemes which are easy on the eye, carefully chosen pictures of landscapes and nature, and soft fabrics with uncomplicated designs. The huge front windows let in loads of natural sunlight as they each face south. The gardens for each lodge are all different but each one provides a living ‘picture’ which changes through each day and season. Somehow the hot tub just adds to the feeling of having left your stresses behind.

A Better Sleep

We can’t promise a good nights sleep for everyone, but we didn’t cut corners when we chose the beds for our lodges. Each of our king-size beds has a one-thousand, deep pocket sprung mattress. These are to provide superior pressure relief and comfort. We’re pleased to say that we consistently receive positive feedback from guests who say they’ve found their bed very comfortable. It’s not just the quality of the bed that may be the cause though. Research has found that having a hot soak a couple of hours before going to bed can also have a beneficial effect on sleep quality.

So if relaxation is high on your list, then Upthorpe Lodges with their luxury hot tubs could be the place for you.