Self-Catering – Covid-19 Update

Like all self-catering accommodation we’re really missing hosting our lovely guests at the moment. Holidays, honeymoons, anniversary and birthday celebrations have been postponed for the right reasons. We’re doing what the government says of course, and our calendarĀ is being kept up to date accordingly.

Re-assuring Our Guests

Our calendar is available for bookings for dates currently permitted. We understand that many people aren’t looking too far ahead at the moment. But we’re making a reassurance to guests who make a booking with us. In the event of them, or us, being forced to cancel at ANY point before day of arrival, we shall give them a FULL refund. We know that not every self-catering provider is doing this, but we think it only fair. We’ll continue to do this for all direct bookings until further notice.

2021 Calendar Now Available

Because some people are thinking further on, we have just extended our booking calendar for the whole of 2021, so you can start looking ahead.

Social Distancing All the Time

Our self-catering lodges are separated from each other and guests self check-in with no necessary interaction with others. You may just see Ian through your window once a day, checking the tub at the pre-arranged time.

Self-Catering for Local Key Workers

We may be able to help NHS and other key workers during our period of enforced shut-down, even when our calendar doesn’t show availability. Please get in touch if you have a need for self-catering isolation accommodation.

We’d like to say we can’t wait to see our guests again, but we can wait, and we will be here for them when the time comes. We created our holiday Lodges six years ago and we’re proud to say we now have many returning guests. We look forward to seeing many of them, and many first-time visitors, once again.